/min / (say meen)

verb (meant /mɛnt/ (say ment), meaning)
verb (t)
1. to have in the mind as in intention or purpose (often with an infinitive as object): I mean to talk to her.
2. to intend for a particular purpose, destination, etc.: his parents meant him for the priesthood.
3. (usually passive) to intend or require (that something should happen): she was meant to be minding the shop.
4. to intend to express or indicate: by `liberal' I mean …
5. (of words, things, etc.) to have as the signification; signify.
verb (i)
6. to be minded or disposed; have intentions: he means well.
{Middle English mene(n), Old English mǣnan}
[c]/min / (say meen)

1. inferior in grade, quality or character: he is no mean performer.
2. low in station, rank, or dignity.
3. of little importance or consequence.
4. unimposing or shabby: a mean abode.
5. without moral dignity; small-minded or ignoble: mean motives.
6. penurious, stingy, or miserly: a man who is mean about money.
7. pettily offensive or unaccommodating; nasty.
8. small, humiliated, or ashamed: to feel mean over some ungenerous action.
9. troublesome or vicious, as a horse.
10. (of one involved in a competitive activity, as sport, business, warfare, etc.) sufficiently accomplished and determined to make success very difficult for an opponent: he's a mean bowler.
11. Colloquial powerful, effective, having a vicious energy: a big mean motor.
{Middle English mene, aphetic variant of imene, Old English gemǣne}
/min / (say meen)

1. something intermediate; that which is midway between two extremes: the golden mean.
2. Mathematics
a. a quantity having a value intermediate between the values of other quantities; an average, especially the arithmetic mean.
b. either the second or third term in a proportion of four terms.
3. Logic Obsolete the middle term in a syllogism.
4. occupying a middle position or an intermediate place.
5. intermediate in kind, quality, degree, time, etc.
{Middle English mene, from Old French meien, from Late Latin mediānus in the middle}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.